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# For the last four years, Randy has done a tremendous job for the NERVDA with his direct mail postcards for our annual show in Boston. His understanding and skill in developing an effective mailing list is incredible. With his creative pieces and consistent performance, he is clearly the best in the business and I refer dealers to him on a regular basis.
Bob Zagami, NERVDA Show Director
# I was told last January that RVM Promotions had more to offer than it’s competitors so I gave them a shot and have been absolutely thrilled with my much-improved ROI. We have done several mailers in the last 12 month with RVM and the results have been great. Jay and Randy are what I call “the A team” in RV industry direct mail. They both have a real understanding of the RV industry and the challenges dealers face. They consistently perform with no glitches or late mail. I could not be happier with the results and I recommend them regularly to fellow Twenty Group members and to other friends in the industry.
Chris Andro, Hemlock Hill RV
# We are in our 40th year at Rich & Sons and had never done direct mail until March of 2012. RVM Promotions was recommended to us by a fellow Twenty Group member. We were very pleased by the traffic on the lot and the number of sales. We just finished our fifth piece in the last 10 months and that speaks for itself as to the results. RVM’s direct mail is now an integral part of our marketing. Jay Perrett and Randy Adams are easy to work with and always get the job done right and on time.
Tony Staab, Rich & Sons RV
# We have done direct mail for over 25 years and have never had more success than we have enjoyed the last five years working with Randy. We had used several direct mail companies in the past, but none have performed as well and consistently as RVM has....the best in the business, pure and simple!
Terry Shepard, Pete’s RV
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Welcome to RVM Promotions! RVM Promotions is the USA’s leading provider of direct mail for independent dealers in the RV industry. More than just a marketing company, we are very involved in the industry and are proud members and sponsors of several state associations and RVDA. Offering competitive pricing, a proven track record of performance, dozens of dealership references and an expertise in developing effective mailing lists that is the envy of our competitors, our campaigns offer you the highest ROI in the industry. We look forward to partnering with you to increase your sales and expand your footprint in the competitive world of RV dealerships. Click on any of our proofs below and take a closer look at what we offer. Contact us today and we will send you hard copies of 15 or more of our best direct mail pieces. We deeply value our relationships in the industry and look forward to working with you. Thanks for stopping by!

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